Immersion Abroad Costa Rica (IACR) is committed to global education by offering hands-on cross-cultural experiences to learners of all ages and subject interests. We take pride in creating the most authentic Costa Rican immersion experience that will forever influence the way you live, work, and communicate in today’s interconnected world.

What Makes Us Different?


Our strong relationships within the community enable our participants to engage in the daily rhythms and routines of local Costa Ricans. We are dedicated to offering hands-on experiences through opportunities such as living with a trusted host family, learning from local experts, participating in meaningful community service projects, and collaborating with students and professionals.


To ensure a well-rounded learning experience we offer diverse programs for various audiences including: Spanish language and culture, culinary arts, business, science, health services, education, travelers 50+, and more. Within each program we have the ability to customize activities based on group goals or interests.