About Us

Dear Friends,
It is with great vision and dedication that Immersion Abroad Costa Rica invites you to:

“Go Global, Be Local.”

But what does that mean? It is our VISION to offer participants of all ages and subject interests the most authentic Global experience that will forever change the way you live, work, and communicate in today’s interconnected world.

We do this by engaging and integrating our participants at the Local level of Costa Rica’s daily rhythms and routines. Our strong and trusted relationships within the community enable us to offer opportunities such as:

  • Living with a trusted host family (with alternate lodging options)
  • Participating in meaningful community service projects
  • Collaborating with local students and/or professionals
  • Round-table discussions (bilingual options) on local and global issues
  • Guided excursions and lectures with local experts
  • Hands-on learning with cultural traditions (dance, cuisine, art)
  • Exploring Costa Rica’s natural wonders (rainforests, mountains, coastal plains, volcanoes, and more)

We are also DEDICATED to global education by offering set and customized programs that align to your specific curriculum goals or subject interests. We offer a diverse selection of programs including: Spanish Language and Culture, Homeschool Multidisciplinary, Travelers 50+, Culinary Arts, Business, Biology and Environmental Science, Health Services, Education, and more.

We welcome you to visit our website to review our multitude of programs and to take the challenge to “Go Global, Be Local”.

Odilie Calvo, Lic and Jennifer Buell Horschman, M.Ed.
Executive Co-Directors IACR